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Fortnite has taken the world by storm, enticing millions of players all over the world. Part of this success is credited to its paid cosmetic items. Cosmetic skins are always being bought and are in high demand.

As a result, Epic Games (Fortnite’s creator) has been pushing out new skins at a fast pace. Most of the skins out there can be bought almost always with the skin rotations, but the skins on this list will almost certainly never return to dazzle the Fortnite battlegrounds. Consider yourself having a lucky charm if you own one of these rare coveted skins.

Here are the 10 best and rarest skins in Fortnite

10. Sgt. Green Clover 


The Sgt. Green Clover skin was released in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day 2018. It is part of the Green Clover set. Not many people purchased this skin, as it was only released when Fortnite’s popularity just started to gain momentum. On the item shop for a brief period of time, it is not known whether this skin will be back for the next St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We’ll just have to wait and see.

When? St Patricks Day 2018
How much? 800 V-bucks

9. Sparkle Specialist

fortnite Sparkle Specialist skin

First seen at the start of Season 2, Sparkle Specialist is a skin many regret not buying. Dazzling everyone with its sparkles, the skin was released as part of the Season 2 Battle Pass. Increasing its rarity is the fact that very few people compared to now played the game back in Season 2. It will probably never return as it was a skin that came with a Battle Pass.

When? Season 2
How much? Free with Battle Pass

8. Omega 

omega fortnite skin

The Omega is one of the hardest skins to obtain from the Season 4 Battle Pass due to the fact that you need to reach Tier 100 on it to get this skin. That requires an immense amount of grinding each week. The honor of having this skin without buying Battle Pass tiers is one players flaunt to each other. As with all Battle Pass skins, it is most likely going to never return to Fortnite.

When? Season 4
How much? Free with the battle pass

7. Galaxy

fortnite outfit galaxy skin

The newest skin on this list, the Galaxy can be said to be the most expensive skin ever to obtain. Ninja was recently seen rocking this skin on Twitch. To add this skin to your collection, you would have needed to pre order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($700) or Galaxy Tab S4 ($400). Pre-order already ended on August 23, 2018, so it is impossible to get this skin at the time of reading this article. Quite a few people pre-ordered the phone however, which pushes the rarity level of the skin down.

When? Season 5 with Galaxy release
How much? Free with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Tablet

6. Love Ranger

love ranger skin

Spreading love around the battlefields of Fortnite, the Love Ranger skin was a rare sight to see. Its prominent wings made it a fan favorite instantly. It came with the Royale Heart Sets. Unfortunately for owners of the skin, the skin has been added back to the item shop, making it a lot less rare. Nevertheless, this skin is still one to treasure in your inventory.

When? Valentines Day 2018
How much? 2000 v-bucks

5. Black Knight

black knight skin fortnite

Another skin that required an immense amount of grinding, the Black Knight was a skin that few people ever obtained. It also came with a backpack skin, the Black Shield. Adding to the rarity of this skin is the fact that Fortnite had a lot less players back when Season 2 was out.

When? Season 2
How much? Free with battle pass

4. Aerial Assault Trooper

Aerial Assault trooper

Making its aerial landing at the start of Season 1, the Aerial Assault Trooper skin was released at a time when very few players played Fortnite. The skin wasn’t anything flashy or particularly special, lowering the rate at which it was bought by players. It came back to haunt those who turned it down as it will probably never return back to the game as with other Battle Pass skins.

When? Season 1
How much? 1200 V-bucks

3. Red Knight

red knight skin

The Red Knight skin, sharing many similarities with the Black Knight skin, is one of the rarest skins on Fortnite. It is another skin that was released at the start of Season 2, a time when not many people were playing, and even ones that were playing did not spend much money on the game. It also comes with a Red Shield backpack. Fans have been eagerly requesting Epic Games to bring back this skin, but its fate is still unknown.

When? Season 2
How much? 2000 V-bucks

2. The Reaper

the reaper skin john wick

John Wick in Fortnite? The Reaper is one of the most highly sought after skins due to the fact that it is based on John Wick, a character from a film of the same name. It could be obtained by reaching Tier 100 on the Battle Pass. While that feat was already hard in of itself, this was back in Season 3 when there were much fewer weekly challenges than there are now.

When? Season 3
How much? Free with battle pass

1. Renegade Raider

renegade raider skin is the rarest in fortnite

The rarest skin of all, the Renegade Raider skin is part of the Season 1 Battle Pass. To obtain it, you had to get to Tier 20 within the first 5 days of the Season 1 Battle Pass. Otherwise, it would have been locked. It wasn’t a particularly good looking skin either, so few people who reached Tier 20 in time were motivated to buy it. While it is not exactly known how many people have the skin, estimates state that only a few hundred people bought it. Nick eh 30 is one of the few players with this skin. Many different players wear this skin to brag that they have been with Fortnite since the very beginning.

When? Season 1
How much? Free with the battle pass Tier 20

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