For more than two years, Fortnite has been delighting gamers of all ages. We’re into our eleventh season, and more new players are arriving all the time – while current players are constantly striving to get better. It’s never too late to start, and you’re never too good to improve! Here is a collection of our top tips for solo players. Whether you’ve been chasing that Victory Royale from the beginning or you’re just getting started, these tips will help keep you alive and winning!

fortnite solo tips

Fortnite Sniping Tips

Head to the playground with your buddies and test out the snipers. Your aim in the playground is to learn how the bullet drops with sniper shots. Test different distances and different scenarios until you master how the bullet drops. Next, use the lines on the scope while you’re zoomed in:

0-50 meters = Aim the crosshair right at the head of enemy player

75 meters = Aim first line towards the neck of the enemy player

100-300 meters and up= Use the third line and aim straight at the hips

Choose your landing zone

There are pros and cons to different areas of the map. Areas with structures and building are more likely to yield good loot. However, dropping in a more isolated spot will give you the opportunity to prepare at your own pace. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on where your fellow players are dropping—keep some space away from them when you land. Once you land, you should prioritize getting some cover, snagging a weapon, and starting to collect resources to build with. Which is something players like Ninja utilize all the time. Waiting until more players have dropped from the bus can help you get some much needed breathing room!

fortnite gliding tips

Understand how the glider—and landing—works

If you are skydiving over terrain (or structures) that are closer to you, they’ll trigger your glider to open earlier. Figure out the path you want to take. For example, if you’re diving over a low lying area like a lake, your glider will open much later than it would if you were near a mountain. This is something Tfue uses all the time, learn from the professional players! When you map out your path ahead of time, you can time your landing perfectly.

It’s all about the gear

We all love dancing around the map with the best skins, but the in game items are far more important. Chests are your best bet for great weapons and high level items. When you land, you don’t have much to your name, so snagging the good loot is an absolute must. You’ll most often find chests in buildings, so start smashing your way in! Items range from “common” (gray) to “legendary” (gold), with uncommon (green), rare (blue), and epic (purple) in between.

Keep your cover!

The longer you stay out in the open, the more likely you are to encounter other players. While you obviously don’t want to avoid them entirely, encountering them while vulnerable isn’t ideal, so stick to whatever cover you can find!

Keep moving!

When you can’t stay undercover, keep moving! The more you hold still the more likely you are to be sniped. Jump, dodge, and above all, don’t just stand around or you’ll be a quick kill for someone else!

Be aware of your surroundings

Keep an eye on what’s going on around you. It’ll help you get more kills, and it’ll help you stay alive. Movement and map navigation is one of the best Fortnite solo tips we can give. It’s harder to master though. For example, if you run into a new region and see fresh construction, you need to be on guard. Fortnite also uses tons of audio cues, so keep both your eyes and your ears open, and you’ll find yourself moving on up in no time!

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